Saturday, July 3, 2010


Extraordinary Natural Beautiful

Indonesia is still a quality proven like equator in the World. Mount Bromo, a mountain located in Probolinggo, East Java made it into the big three for the world's best mountain climbers. Recognition that the world can not be denied. For, indeed the beauty of Bromo is a beautiful gift of the Creator extraordinary.

Mount Bromo and even surpasses some other world famous mountains such as Mount Fuji in Japan, Mount Sinai in Egypt and Jabal Toubkal in Morocco.

Here are three great mountains of data in the world who deserve to climb as published on the site which is headquartered in Russia is Mount Elbrus, Mount Olympus in Greece and bromo .. While seven other mountain top 10 world's best mountain to climb is worth the Jebel Toubkal in Morocco, Mount Matterhorn in Switzerland, South Africa's Table Mountain, Mt Ben Nevis in Scotland, Mount Sinai in Egypt, Mount Fuji in Japan, and Half Dome Mountain in the United States.

Mount Elbrus, Russia, is part of the Alps in Europe. This mountain is one of the highest mountain in Europe that has a height of 5642 meters. The second most beautiful is Mount Olympus, Greece. The mountain is known as the place of the gods residing. This is the highest mountain in Greece with an altitude reaches 2918 meters.


Action sympathetic 'Save the Planet'. Students from nature school Bandung (SAB) sympathetic to the action along the River Cikapundung, Thursday (04/22/2010). Action Cikapundung quid to throw trash along their journey. The action begins with the planting of trees in the nature and location of schools in the end the day with the earth campaign by distributing leaflets to keep the earth from destruction, global warming and environmental pollution.
By: eko kurniawan

natural school

Character Building

Human nature consists of two dimensions. Physical and spiritual dimensions. Two dimensions that should be touched by the learning process in human life. If the education portion of the two dimensions are not balanced, especially the lack of a spiritual dimension, there would be "moral disaster". No more being called honesty, caring, responsibility, mutual respect, and others.

Character-building (CB) is a field of study that meets the spiritual needs of every human being. However, very few schools that apply the CB as a field of study. The existing character of matter becomes one with the material in the field of belief in religious studies.

Agent of Change

Schools must become agents of change. This spirit seems to have faded. In fact, had penetrated into the paradigm of the public that schools are schools that excel in it is the students who are good and well. School "sag" is the school that it is foolish students and naughty-naughty or discharge children.

A favorite school or excel tend to not accept students who are troubled. They prefer to soak in the "comfort zone" that is "the best input. At the time the author adopted a new admissions system at a school without entrance test, but depending on the number of seats available, with the principal are not sure ask, "How about when we can dumb-dumb student and naughty-naughty."

The author replied, "It's not a school should be built for smart children stupid and a bad child? Must be agent of change! "By applying the Multiple Intelligence Research to every student in every year, there were no students who are stupid. Each student has a tendency of intelligence and learning styles vary and should be rewarded.

The Best Process

Consequences agent of change is a learning process that occurs in schools must be the best. Learning into long-term memory and their students will not forget for life. However, in reality, a lot is that once teachers complete the lessons, then taught science also missing.

The learning process must contain the power of positive emotions. Begin the process of learning beginning to end really touched feelings of students.

The Best Teacher

Consequences of "the best process is the best teacher. This time the question of teacher quality. Some surveys show the quality of teachers in Indonesia are still not quite good.

Good teacher as a facilitator. This concept has long been echoed and practiced, but only the "initial" the "warm". After that, go back to the old paradigm, which is 80 percent of a teacher-dominated learning. Supposedly, the percentage of students learning processes must be greater than the percentage of teachers teaching process.

Good teacher acts as a catalyst, IE keep trying ignited student ability, including his talent. Especially to students who "slow" in receiving and understanding information. Not even the students who took the side of "smart" course.

Good teachers are always trying to adjust her teaching style with learning style students. If the process of teaching and learning styles appropriate style, would appear there is no actual condition of the hard lessons and all students are capable of receiving information from teachers.

Applied Learning

Learning content from primary school level onwards should be applied in everyday life. Learning materials should not be "separated", not related to everyday life. At a minimum, learners understand the benefits of learning materials.

Which happened many, many students are not understanding to what a material taught by teachers. In a seminar attended by nearly 700 teachers kindergarten through high school teacher, a writer asked about the matter "tree factor", almost all the teachers can answer all questions, but when asked what the "tree factor", most of them do not know.

Management School

In a special school management training followed by hundreds of operators or owners of private schools throughout Indonesia in 2007, one can deduce how the lack of their understanding of good school management. In fact, school management is the management of high-level human resource empowerment, very complex, and requires professional people to manage them.

Authors often logical school management is like a white dove has two wings and flew into a life of noble purpose cage. The first wing is a system context, ie education providers, and the second wing is a content system, namely the principal and teachers.

How could the pigeon will fly until the goal when any one of its wings broken and can not work together. However, if the flutter of wings, what a beautiful harmony. God willing, these schools will become "the best school and bring all students to a destination that makes people who have benefiditas graduates in his life.

By: Munif Chatib